Al Jazeera Bros Profile

The beginning was modest yet our ambition and the drive to achieve our goals was greater, Al Jazeera bros for exchange started as an individual enterprise in 2001 in a period the confidence in the banking sector has suffered a major shock as a result of the withdrawal of some companies from the market, leaving many issues to its shareholders and some of the remittance benifieries furthermore, leaving the banking community in disarray, right then we were committed to re-implant the confidence that the banking society has lost and address the cracks in the banking sector through the establishment of a company whose overall goal in addition to economic and social goals is to contribute to the graft and consolidation of the trust within the Yemeni population, we believe that this will not be secured unless with the serious and sincere commitment and hard work.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Hamid Abdullah Al-Mujahid said: "The shortest way to establish trust and protect it is the commitment to our goals.". Based on this statement, we were determined to contribute seriously to the leading of the banking business in Yemen.

Then we started a race against time by building an expansion program for Al-Jazeera Brothers for Exchange Company. The number of operating branches reached 33 branches in addition to Internal and external agents throughout Yemen and the globe.

Because "Nothing will come of nothing", we believe that the volume of achievements had been achieved as a result of extensive scientific and practical experience of Al Jazeera bros for Exchange Company, this experience coupled with the serious hard work of our team, in addition, to the efforts of a trained and qualified staff deployed in all branches are working with maximum efficiency a result of continuous training and the follow-up of everything new through the establishment of advanced information systems for the company Al Jazeera Bros for Exchange, in addition to all of the above we had to do our part in a welfare of Yemeni people, a major role in the policy of Al Jazeera Bros fo Exchange and even embodies all of the objectives of Al Jazeera Bros for Exchange company.

We have contributed to many charitable, welfare, and social projects in the belief of the importance of this work and to become an entity with economic and social dimensions. Which in return has led to a huge increase in the public engagement with Al Jazeera Bros for Exchange company.

We are very pleased with all the achievements that have been achieved and the confidence of customers in Al Jazeera Bros. for Exchange and improving the banking sector will be our main goal that we are striving to achieve, and we are continuing to do so.

Mr. Hamid Abdullah Al-Mujahid

Chairman of Board of Directors